Hey Everyone, I bet I seem pretty deadbeat on here! Things have been great at Mr. Boddington's Studio - they really keep me busy, but I'm jumping back into freelance illustration and creating a lot of personal work for myself. I have a new tumblr where I'll be posting one sketch a day if you'd like to follow me there: paigevickers.tumblr.com. I'd love to follow you guys!


This was a fun header illustration I did for the Summer Issue of Her Mind Magazine. Live it up, y'all.


Happy Sunday, Everyone!
Also, check out a little Boddington collab on Mr. Boddington's Studio front page for mother's day. Go get your mom a card!


My first personal piece since moving to New York! This piece is called "Botanist" and it's part of my series of lady portraits. Everything is going well at Mr. Boddington's Studio, but it's so important to do drawings for yourself now and again. Hope everyone is staying warm!
Here's a fun little lady-power sketch for Her Mind Magazine in Maryland!

Finally- images of some illustrations I did for this month's Bust Magazine. Also in the spirit of catching up on blog posts, here are some of the screenprints I created with James Bouche at Currentspace studios in Baltimore!


Hey Guys! The lovely ladies from Piccolo posted a brief interview with me.  You can see it here.
They did a lot of great work organizing the project- yay for making and doing things!


I am sad to say that a project I worked with Paddywax on this Summer might not get printed but I thought they were fun so I'm sharing them with permission of the owner. This first image would have been a final packaging illustration for the front of a line of candles. The rest is sort of self-explanatory. The second two are developed sketches.


Here are some sketches and final illustrations that I did for this month's Bust Magazine! Sometimes you just have to draw genital ghosts.


Here are half of the illustrations I did in November for the Baltimore Collegetown Network to be used in their mailings for 13 Baltimore colleges and eventually on their website. (The last image is just a sketch I was attached to.) I had a lot of fun working with Skelton Design on this! 

I recently updated my website if you want to check it out: www.paigevickers.com