This month I printed an edition of these with James Bouche at Currentspace in Baltimore! He runs the diy screen printing studio there and I was lucky enough to see his process while he worked on his own work.


  1. Hi Paige,
    I bought a print and a notebook around the holidays at MICA. I framed the print and gave it as a gift and was going to gift the notebook as well, but i couldn't part with it and started using it for my comedy notebook. Any chance i can snag another anywhere in Charm City? Even at MICA...i just happened to pop in that day for the arts & crafts market.
    THanks! and i love the HPV & ME tree tree illustration above.

  2. Hey Tess, Thanks so much for the support! I actually completely sold out around the holidays. It was a pretty small run on the journals, but if you're interested in the print they are available in Trohv in Hampden! Thanks again!